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Wave Rider | Wave Conviction | Wave Phoenix | Wave Technology

The Mizuno Wave Rider is Hot! Utilizing the high tech "Wave" system this shoe allows for flexibility and a smooth cushioned ride. Perfect shoe for the efficient runner

Mens & Womens Sizes


The Wave Conviction , for the runner who wants the ultimate in cushioning and stability. With a fan shaped wave that provides stability by forming a medial post that prevents overpronation

Mens & Womens Sizes

The Wave Phoenix, the shoe that offers superior performance at an excellent price! Wave technology with a semi curved last for an excellent fit.

Womens sizes only

'Wave' Technology

The 'Wave' is a performance enhancing rear midsole insert that improves cushioning and stability. Made of Thermoplastic-polyurethane that is tough and lightweight the wave is designed to enhance cushioning and stability by adjusting the "wavelength" or the "wave amplitude"

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