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Saturday & Sunday Runs: Meet at Runners Soul at 8:00 A.M. Unless Otherwise Indicated
NB: For those running 11 minute or more miles and are training for the Marathon for distances 18 and longer, you should start 1 hour earlier if you want access to the store after the run.

Wednesday Runs: Meet at Runners Soul at 7:00P.M. Unless Indicated Otherwise
Runs on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month will be combined with the Wednesday Running Group.
CLINICS: Will be on Specific Monday Evenings at 7:00 P.M. in the ATCO GAS Company Auditorium 410-Stafford Dr.N. The "BRA" Night will be at Runner's Soul.
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Jan. 19

Registration Night at 7:00 PM Yates Memorial Centre



7 Miles 4 Miles
Jan.28 Wed. Night Run  
Jan.31/Feb.1 8 Miles 5 Miles


Wed.Running Club Meet at Runners Soul


Meet at Streetside "Complimentary Breakfast to follow run"

9 Miles 6 Miles
Feb. 9 Clinic: Nutrition with Lori Chaki-Farrington

Feb. 11

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run


10 Miles 6.5 Miles
Feb. 18 Running Club night. Meet at Streetside Eatery for the Tortoise Trot.
Feb.21/22 11 Miles 7 Miles

Feb. 23

CLINIC:"Ouch" ....Injuries and what to do. , The Doctor, the Physiotherapist and the Pharmacist.: Dr. David Stewart, Bruce Stewart, Dennis Strong


Wed. Running Club

Feb. 28/Mar.1 12 Miles 7.5 Miles

Mar. 4

Wed.Running Club Night Run. "Mini Moon" Meet at the Galt Museum

Mar. 7/8

14 Miles

8 Miles

Mar. 11 Wednesday Night Run

Mar. 14


Mar. 16

CLINIC: Fitness testing - what does it involve and how can it improve my training?Held at the Sports Science Institute

Mar. 18 Wed. Running Club Night Run Meet at Runners Soul

Mar. 21/22

16 Miles

9 Miles

Mar. 25

Wed. Running Club Night Run Meet at S.W. corner of College.

Mar. 28/29

Meet at Streetside "Complimentary Breakfast to follow run"

10 Miles 6 Miles

Mar. 30

Clinic TBA

Apr.1 Wed. Running Club Night Run. Meet at Sharks Club


18 Miles

10 Miles


Wed.Running Club Night Run . Meet at Fort Whoop Up

Apr. 10

This Run is on Good Friday due to easter weekend

11 Miles 11 Miles

Apr. 15

Wed. Running Club Night Run Meet at Galt Museum

Apr. 18/19

10 MILE ROAD RACE Saturday
The group will also be meeting at the store for those not doing the race

20 Miles 10 Miles

Apr. 22

Wed. Night Run Meet at N.W. parking lot at University


10 Miles 10 Miles

Apr 29

Wed. Night Run. Meet at Ft. Whoop Up


22 Miles 12 Miles

May 6

Wed. Night Run Meet at S.W. parking lot at College

May 9/10

Splash, Pedal & Gasp Triathlon NO SUNDAY RUN

10 Miles 10 Miles

May 16/17

6 Miles 6 Miles


Wed. Night Run. Meet at galt Museum

May 24

THIS IS IT !!! "Cour d'Alene Full & Half Marathons "

26.2 Miles( RACE DAY ) 13.1 Miles( RACE DAY )

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