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Saturday & Sunday Runs: Meet at Runners Soul at 8:00 A.M. Unless Indicated Otherwise
Wednesday Runs: Meet at Runners Soul at 7:00P.M. Unless Indicated Otherwise
Runs on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month will be combined with the Wednesday Running Group.
CLINICS: Will be on Specific Monday Evenings at 7:00 P.M. in the ATCO GAS Company Auditorium 410-Stafford Dr.N. The "BRA" Night will be at Runner's Soul. The "Heiden" Night will take pace at the gym at Nicholas Sheran Community School. ( Bring workout clothes for this one!)
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Jan. 17

Registration Night at 7:00 PM Theatre Gallery Lethbridge Public Library.


Wed.Running Club Night Run. CHILI CHILLY NIGHT . Enter your best Chili for achance to win a prize. Meat & Veggie categories


6 Miles

4 Miles

Feb. 2

Wed.Running Club Valentines Run. Meet at Jack & Jills skin clinic 4th floor, Old Fire Hall, 402-2 Ave.S.


7 Miles

4 Miles

Feb. 7

CLINIC ! How to put it all together, Training, Weights, Cross Training, Avoiding injuries. Presenter: Lori Chaki-Farrington Strength in Motion

Feb. 9

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run


8 Miles

4.5 Miles

Feb. 16

Wed.Running Club Night Run. Meet at Streetside Eatery. for the Tortoise Trot


9 Miles

5 Miles

Feb. 23

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run


10 Miles

5 Miles

Feb. 28

Introduction to "Heiden" and Heart Rate Monitors. Join us at Nicholas Sheran Community School at 7:15 p.m. for this session. Bring your heart rate monitor and workout gear.Presenters: Murray Barker and Barry Emerson

Mar. 2

Wed.Running Club Night Run. Poker Plod. Come up with the best poker hand to win a prize. No Money required!


11 Miles

6.5 Miles
(Complimentary Breakfast to Follow)

Mar. 7

CLINIC:"Ouch" ....Now what do I DO? Injuries, Physiotherapy, the role of Drugs, What about Asthma, Orthotics, Preenters: Dr. David Stewart, Bruce Stewart, Dennis Strong and Lori Hampson

Mar. 9

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run


12 Miles

6 Miles

Mar. 14

BRA NIGHT!!!! Sorry Guys ...this is just for Ladies! Come out tonight and find out how the Jog Bra's will support you in your running. Refreshments and treats offered. Please call ahead and register.

Mar. 16

Wed.Running Club Night Run. Meet at the Galt Museum parking lot for the "Mini Moon"

Mar. 19

MOONLIGHT RUN Both groups do the 10K.

Mar . 23

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run


14 Miles

7 Miles

NOTE: Run on Good Friday or Saturday

Mar. 30

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run * Hill Night* Meet at Ft.Whoop Up


10 Miles

8 Miles

*Meet at Streetside Eatery ( Complimentary Breakfast to follow)


Wed.Running Club Night Run . Join us at Earls for the Last Club Run. "Just Wing It" A never ending (it seems) supply of wings following the run.


16 Miles

9 Miles

Apr. 11

CLINIC! "Fueling the Engine" Don't mess up all your training by missing this vital piece of the puzzle! Presented by Anya Meyers, Registered Dietician.

Apr. 13

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run

Apr. 16

10/4 Road Race - 10 miles

Apr. 20

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run * Hill Night* Meet at Ft.Whoop Up


18 Miles

11 miles

Apr. 27

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run


9 Miles

9 Miles

May 4

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run. Meet at Ft. Whoop Up


20 Miles Run starts 7:00AM

12 MilesRuns starts 7:00AM

May 9

CLINIC! What to do ....what NOT to Do in your race. Proper preparation in the week leading up, the days before and day of.

May 11

Wed. Marathon Club Night Run. Meet at Ft. Whoop Up

May 14

10 Miles

6 Miles

NO SUNDAY RUN due to Splash, Pedal & Gasp Triathlon


LAST LONG RUN!! ( Victoria Day Weekend) Both distances start at 7:00am

22 Miles 12.5 Miles

May 28

Coulee Cactus Crawl. NO Sunday Run

June 5

Last Club Run. Meet at Lethbridge Lodge. Brunch to Follow run

7 Miles 7 Miles

June 12

26.2 MilesCochrane Marathon

13.1 MilesCochrane 1/2 Marathon

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