1. .Some of this course runs through private property. We are very grateful to the owners for allowing us to do this. Please show respect and especially do not drop any garbage . All Aid Stations will have garbage facilities.

2. Some of the course is on environmentally sensitive areas, so please stay on the designated trails wherever possible. Some of the course is on environmentally sensitive areas, so please stay on the designated trails wherever possible.

3. Wildlife - you will probably see mule deer, whitetail deer, geese, ducks and rabbits. You might see porcupines, eagles, foxes, skunks and coyotes. There is also a remote possibility (if conditions are warm enough) that you might see a snake.

4. Washroom facilities - The Police Gun Range and Pavan Aid Stations have flushing toilets. There will be a Porta Potti at the Peenaquim Aid Station.

5. Drop Bags 50 km entrants can have one drop bag at Pavan which will be accessible afier 28 kms and again at 40 kms. Leave drop bags at the START before your race.100 milers can have three drop bags - one at each Aid Station. Leave these at the START, clearly marked, showing Aid Station destination.

6. Aid Stations will have water, a sports drink, pop and a hot drink. There will be a selection of food and snacks offered.

7. First Aid and Vaseline will be available at each Aid Station.

8. Painkillers will NOT be available at any of the Aid Stations.

9. All Aid Stations will have some type of heated area for participants to warm up.

10. Aid Stations will not have any spare batteries for 100 milers' night lights. You must pack your own. You must have a spare flashlight.

11. You will be checked in and out of all Aid Stations. If the personnel decide you are unfit to continue, their decision is FINAL. it is up to you to make sure you have checked in and checked out.

12. 100 milers prior to the start, you will be weighed and have your blood pressure taken. It will be checked again at 44.4 kms, 98.1 kms and 128.3 kms.Tf you lose 3% of your body weight, you will be given a warning. If you lose 5% of your body weight, you will be told to stay and hydrate until you improve. If you lose 7% of your body weight, you will not be allowed to continue

13. Dogs are not allowed on the course, because some of it runs through nature reserve where dogs are prohibited.

14. The course will be marked with survey tape and survey flags. Night navigation will be helped by glow sticks or reflective tape.

15. Be aware that you will be running in an active tick season.

16. The course will close at 9pm on Saturday 22nd April This allows 36 hours for the 100 miles, 13 hours for the 50km and 15hours for the early start 50 km.

17. Weather- 21st April. The average high is 14 C. Average low is O C. The record high is 25 C and the record low is - 1 SC. Average precipitation for the month of April is33 mm.

18. Small cactus plants grow all over the coulees, especially south facing slopes. Be aware of the prickles!

19. 100 milers are allowed to use pacers for the last lap. Only one pacer per runner. They may not carry water, food, shoes, clothing or any other supplies for anyone other than themselves. "Muling" is forbidden and would be grounds for disqualification.

20. Crews can gain access at the three Aid Station sites. They must not inhibit the progress of other runners and must respect the requests of the Aid Station staff

21. Accommodation nearest to the race start would be:

22. Runners Soul store location: 2646 South Parkside Drive, Lethbridge. Tel: 327-2241.

23. Race Start location: Police Gun Range. Drive west on 3 Avenue South down into the Indian Battle Park. At the bottom of the hill, follow the road round to the left,under the bridge, continue as the road bears to the right. When the road forks, take the left into the Gun Range.



FRIDAY 21st APRIL 2000 at 7 AM at the Police Gun

Range (the start) for all the 100 mile participants and those

taking the 50km early start.


SATURDAY 22ND APRIL 2000 at 7AM. at the Police Gun

Range (the start) for the 50 km participants (8am start).





21st APRIL 2OOO.

This change has been made to allow more time to complete this

challenging course.