1 lap 53.7 kms. Elevation gain =3450 ft approx. Elevation loss=3450 ft
3 laps = 100 miles

The start and finish of each lap is at the Lethbridge City Police Gun Range. This will be race headquarters.
From the Gun Range proceed south along the paved trail. Turn east onto a hiking trail that leads you through a small canyon area. Climb uphill to English Oaks (condominiums currently under construction). Follow the trail around English Oaks in a southerly direction. At the dog run area, follow the coulee down towards the river. Watch out for the hairpin left turn, climbing up onto the ridge. Once on the ridge, head west toward the river. As you head down the ridge, which runs parallel to the Country Club road, bear to the left and cross the Country Club road. Follow the trail toward the river, through the bushes. The trail heads south and there is a fence on the right hand side. At the first ridge, head east and climb up to the Cemetery wire fence. Follow the fence line south until you come to a sharp corner where you will leave the fence and descend on a hiking trail back in the river direction. At the bottom, take the left trail and climb back up. Once on the ridge, head toward the river again. The trail bears to the right and descends pasts a fenced pond on your left. From here follow the trail back to the Country Club road and cross in the same place as before. Once across the road, keep to the left and follow the trail toward the Police Gun Range, but this time you will reach there by running on a trail to the east of the Gun Range, entering the Gun Range by the rear gate.

7.2 Kms . This first stage has considerable elevation gain and loss.

This is the FIRST AID STATION. (13.7 kms to the next Aid Station).

Exiting the Police Gun Range by the rear gate, immediately turn north and follow the hiking trail to the bottom of Laundry Hill. Pick up the paved road that goes underneath Whoop Up bridge. Take the paved trail towards Fort Whoop Up. At the Fort, head east and climb up the red shale trail (switchbacks) to the Galt Museum. Before the Museum, head north on a red shale trail that parallels the parking lot. Turn west, following the red shale and take the first trail north. That takes you down switchbacks to Wendy's Hill. Cross the paved road and follow the red shale trail, still heading north. Go down and up the switchbacks behind Brewery Gardens. At the top, follow the hiking trail north under the High Level bridge, running parallel with Brewery Hill. This trail turns west and exits on the road by the Highway 3 bridge. Head north, under the bridge and take the second road (the off ramp from Highway 3 into Tollestrup). Run up here approx. 400 metres, then follow the jeep track to your left, heading in an easterly direction. Follow this track, then take a hiking trail to the right, still heading east. Before Scenic Drive, the trail curves round to the west and climbs. At the top you go east again, heading for the power poles on the top of the hill. From here you go north, following a trail that connects up with an old jeep track. Follow this in a westerly direction, taking a right hand fork downhill, exiting onto a paved road by the sewage treatment plant. Cross over this road and take a hiking trail that winds its way up to a ridge, heading east. At the houses, follow the fence line to the north, then descend the ridge line to the north west. Once on the red shale trail at the bottom, you head east, exiting to the north, just before the very top. Follow the hiking trail west to a coulee lookout point, turn north and follow this trail going between the fence and a large dirt pile. Turn west and follow the tall wire fence down to the Peenaquim parking lot.

13.7 Kms. Considerable elevation gains and losses. The toughest section.

This is the SECOND AID STATION. (7 Kms to the next one).

From the parking lot, head north, climbing up the first hiking trail to your right. Head east and follow the fence line to the Alexander Wilderness top parking lot. Take the gravel roadway down into the Alexander Wilderness Park. Follow the red shale trail at the end of the lower parking lot heading west. Take the red shale that bears right (to the north).At the park bench beside the river, go right on the hiking trail. Follow this up and over a very steep coulee. Follow the river bank for a short way then take the trail to the right. This will take you all the way to the aid station in Pavan Park.

7 Kms. Two short, steep climbs and one steep descent.

This is the THIRD AID STATION. (12 Km. loop back to this Aid Station.)

Head north on the paved trail. At the fork in the trail, turn right and continue to the fence line. Turn right and follow the fence line along an equestrian trail, which later becomes a hiking trail. At the end of the fence line, there is a gap in the barbed wire, go through this and continue heading north. The hiking trail connects up with a jeep track. Follow this north till you reach a metal gate. Climb over the gate, bear to the left (passing a large house on your right) then take the right fork onto a gravel road (the gate should be open). Follow this road along the base of the coulees to an abandoned set of farm buildings .Turn left and follow the gravel road around the buildings. Cross the gravel pit excavations heading north, pick up a dirt road, follow this through an abandoned gravel pit and continue on a hiking trail north. The river is now in front of you. Turn left. This is as far north as you go. Now follow the hiking trail, which becomes a jeep track, along the river heading southwest. When this trail intersects with an old gravel road, turn right and follow it past the river to an old pit. Take the hiking trail south along the river past the gravel crusher. Follow the gravel road through the gravel piles, along the river. When the road curves to the left, carry straight on into the trees. Follow the hiking trail, which leaves the river, and go over the dirt excavations with the pits on your left side. This turns into an old jeep track which brings you to a barbed wire fence. (Hopefully the fence will be down, but if not, go towards the river to get through.) The hiking trail now basically follows the river (not that close at times). You will cross a meadow, and go through another barbed wire fence, which will be open. Then you follow the hiking trail along the river until you reach the barbed wire boundary to Pavan Park (this wire will be spread apart and wrapped with rag for your safety. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.). Follow the paved trail to the Pavan Aid Station.

12 Kms. Flat, easy section.

This is the FOURTH AID STATION. (4.5 Kms. to the next Aid Station.)

Get onto the hiking trail heading south, following the river. Climb up and over the coulee back to the Alexander Wilderness Park. When reaching the park bench by the river, take the red shale trail heading south. Approx. 100 metres take a hiking trail to your right. This will bring you to a point where there is another park bench. Follow the red shale trail until you come to a information post. Turn right, heading south. Take the red shale trail. Just after two information boards, take the hiking trail along the river. Go up and over the coulee and continue along the hiking trail to the Peenaquim Aid Station.

4.5 Kms. Two steep climbs and descents.

This is the FIFTH AID STATION. (9.3 Kins to the end of the lap.)

Leaving the Aid Station, head towards the river on the dirt track. At the river, turn left heading south on the hiking trail. Follow the hiking trail to the sewage lagoons, then take the jeep track heading south. When you intersect with a gravel road, turn left and proceed through the City soil dump. At the sewage treatment plant, cross the road into theTollestrup property, following the jeep trail east. Then take the hiking trail east towards Scenic Drive. The trail curves and comes back heading west. Cross the jeep trail, and follow the hiking trail to the south. This brings you into an excavated pit. Take the jeep trail which turns into a hiking trail and climb up to the ridge on the south. Run along the ridge, heading west. Follow this trail as it curves to the south and comes out down a steep bank near the Highway 3 bridge. Go under the bridge and follow the paved trail, heading south towards the Helen Schuler Centre. Run on the road, under the High Level Bridge and take the paved trail to the right When this trail forks, keep to the right nearest the river. Keep along the river, this trail will turn into red shale and will bring you to the Whoop Up Bridge. The trail is now paved and you follow it along the river back to the Police Gun Range.

9.3 Kms. Basically flat, apart from some hills in the Tollestrup property.