13 Mile Route

From 19 Algonquin Pl. to University Dr. and to Walsh Rd. Walsh Rd. to Westview Rd. and to Hiway 3. Follow it west and cross over on the first median crossing. Back on Hiway 3 to Hiway 25 Turnoff. Pick up University Dr. and go to Garry Dr. this connects on to Squamish Rd. and leads onto Jerry Potts Blvd. . Jerry Potts Blvd. , to McMaster Dr. and to Temple Blvd. follow Temple to the end where it goes to Sunset acres. Turn around and go back down Temple to McMaster. Follow McMaster to Columbia Blvd. and to the University. As you run towards the University there is a gravel parking lot on your left and at the end there is a dirt road that leads onto the asphalt path. Follow the path and go through the tunnel that goes under Whoop up Dr. Go up Whoop Up dr. to University Dr. and back to the house.

Enjoy !

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