22 Mile Route

From 19 Algonquin Pl. west to University Dr. head past Heritage to Walsh Dr. and on to Westside Dr. Go under Hwy 3 and follow the road onto Hwy 3 . Cross over on the median and follow Hwy 3 back to the Hwy 25/ University Dr. exit. Follow University Dr to Squamish Blvd. (Willow Ridge) Follow it around to Jerry Potts Blvd.; Jerry Potts Blvd. to McMaster Dr. and to Temple Blvd.; Temple Blvd. to Sunset Acres. ( At the end of Temple Blvd veer to your right to pick up the road .) When you enter Sunset Acres go left and follow it to a viewing area and turnaround . Back out the same way to McMaster.

McMaster to McLeod Trail to University Dr. and to Paradise Canyon. Only go as far as Canyon Close. Run the Canyon Close Loop and back up the Road to University Dr.; University Dr. to Aperture Dr. at University. Run around Aperture Park and back onto University Dr. Back to Algonquin Pl.

Enjoy !!


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