Feed your mind, body and soul with some the best and latest running books out there.....


Written for women from a womens pont of view. The Bodywise wise woman is the total guide for the active woman. It provides hard to find information on womens health as it relates to excercise. Ypu'll learn how to choose and start an exercise program you can enjoy and stick with, injury-free.



Forget about the image of the perfect body in skintight clothes and don't worry about how fast or how far you go. Bingham ( the PENGUIN) shows how anyone can embrace running as a life enhancing activity- rather than as a competition you'll never win! Waddle on in!



Through his running clinics over the last 15 years, John Stanton has successfully coached thousands of runners with the philosophy that anyone can run and that running should be fun. Whether you goal goal is fun run or a marathon, you'll learn all about running and the sheer joy of good health


The defacto book on running. Galloways "Book on Running" has taken many runners from start to finish through 5Km to Marathons races. Galloways training theories were groundbreaking and are now taken as the word!


Let John Jerome lead you into the next millennium with his latest edition of this classic log and calendar tailored for runners. Whether you are a novice or a pro Jeromes wise words about training and the active life wil inspire your mind body and soul!



Another great Runners Log. Lots of interesting commentaries and training advice from some top endurance specialists. Nicely formatted for ease of entries and some superb running photos.


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